21NTC Session

No More Buyer’s Remorse: 4 Steps to Buying Nonprofit Technology


Your system isn’t working for your organization anymore. Maybe the software you’re using is too basic – or it’s too complicated. Maybe you can’t easily integrate it. Maybe you aren’t getting good customer support.

No matter why you’re looking for a new system – it’s risky!  It’s expensive! And even worse – you aren’t a tech expert – but you’re the one who needs to evaluate the options and make a recommendation. Where do you start? 

Well, you start right here! Maureen leads you through a proven, simple process that will reduce your risk of picking the wrong platform.  Her straight-forward approach will take you from the beginning – figuring out why you need a new  system – through understanding the vendor’s contract and getting ready for the big move. Maureen will be joined by several nonprofit staffers who have used this process to find the right technology.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Diagnose the root cause of their current tech problems
  • Lead a solid product demo and proposal process
  • Negotiate effectively with software vendors

Target Audience

Nonprofit IT, Executive Directors, fundraising, communications, and event management staff


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Maureen Wallbeoff

Digital Strategist & Technology Coach

Maureen Wallbeoff LLC

Maureen has worked with hundreds of organizations across every mission and vertical. She has developed a proven process that maps your nonprofit’s strategic and operational goals to the right platforms and business processes, reducing your risk. Unbiased with deep expertise of the nonprofit software marketplace, she helps you make good decisions about the systems you use to engage your supporters, manage data, and measure performance.

Maureen has authored several guides on nonprofit engagement software and answers questions about nonprofit technology live on Facebook every Friday afternoon. A sought-after speaker and trainer, she has led many live workshops and webinars around the country.

Drew DeVries

Data Analyst

World Renew

Drew is a Data Analyst for a faith based and binational nonprofit organization. Data plays such an important role in understanding the reach of our impact and ultimately leads us to better program decision making. It helps create goals and measure progress. Technology and systems can play a big role in this by unlocking our data that have a tendency to live in silos.

Christina Schnoor

Director of Digital Fundraising


Christina has been working in the Washington, D.C. area for the past 15 years, honing her craft at a variety of nonprofits including performing arts, museum, health, environmental, and now humanitarian. She’s done everything from processing donations using a credit card machine to coding responsive email templates. When not scheduling emails and running reports, you can find Christina covered in clay at a pottery studio or at her favorite music venue, the 9:30 Club (pre-covid days, of course).

Joe Lowe

Director of Digital Communications

American Bird Conservancy

Joe is Director of Digital Communications for American Bird Conservancy. He was previously employed by Natural Resources Defense Council as Digital Advocacy, Fundraising, and Engagement Email Writer. Before that, he served as Media and Outreach Director for Rainforest Trust. Joe holds dual Masters degrees in Journalism (Ohio University) and Natural Resources (Ohio State).



March 25, 2021


8:30am – 9:30am