22NTC Session: IT
No-Code Apps: Navigating the Universe of New Possibilities
Submitted by: Sonja Wiencke | EvalTech Consulting Ltd


No-code solutions are apps for web browsers or phones that you can build without traditional coding languages. They are faster to make than “conventional” apps, can be built and maintained without software engineers, and are up to 10x cheaper. For nonprofits, this means the choice is not just between off-the-shelf tools and expensive custom-built software anymore. It means the custom app you dreamed of for service delivery or internal efficiency could now be affordable.

Nonprofits are starting to realise the potential of no-code, but often don’t know where to start. This session will present different no-code tools with advantages and disadvantages for the most common nonprofit use cases: CRMs, project management, M&E systems and community apps. Attendees will leave inspired and with a better understanding of what is possible, including how to plan and budget for the building and implementation of a no-code app.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand differences between off-the-shelf, custom-built and no-code software solutions
  • Understand possibilities of no-code and its advantages and disadvantages to conventional tools
  • Understand how to research, test, and plan for building and implementation of a no-code app

Target Audience

IT decision makers. Any nonprofit staff looking to improve software they use. Anyone interested in upskilling in an emerging field


March 24, 2022


1:40pm – 2:10pm PST