22NTC Session Proposal

Modernizing the IT Function: People, Process and Technology


It is widely known and accepted that nonprofits exist to have impact. To increase the probability to succeed, nonprofits look to leverage technology to gain greater efficiency and effectiveness and to enable and/or expedite mission efforts. As such, technology performance has become very critical to business and mission success. 

Leaders of commercial enterprises have prioritized strengthening their organization’s technology function and brought technology capabilities closer to their business’s strategy and operations resulting in better financial performance in the digital age.  Similarly, social enterprise leaders will soon desire to transform their IT function and solidify technology cultures and organization practices required to maintain, sustain and expand mission impact in a digital transformation. Using the people, process and technology framework and lessons learned as an IT leader who executed a technology function modernization transformation to present and lead a discussion about a modern IT function using the people, process and technology framework. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Greater awareness of what it means to have a modern technology department and operation
  • Increase knowledge of what is involved in leading an IT function modernization transformation
  • Increased confidence that a modernized IT function transformation is advantageous for social enterprises as it is for commercial enterprises

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

Nonprofit executive leaders, IT decision makers and managers