21NTC Session

Migrations Without Migraines: 10 Keys to a Painless CRM Change


Every year hundreds of organizations make a decision to move to a new fundraising CRM. If that’s YOUR organization this year, you might be the lucky staffer whose job will be to wrangle data and people, while still performing the rest of your day-to-day responsibilities. Don’t start having nightmares – with the right mindset (and the right set of tools in your toolbelt), you can lead your organization through a life-changing transformation. In this session, you’ll learn 10-ish keys to leading a CRM migration that will elevate you to Superhero status within your organization. At this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to gain an understanding of all your existing data and programs
  • How to identify which data “sparks joy”
  • How to think like a product manager when prioritizing needs
  • Strategies for coaching even the most reluctant staffers into falling in love with their new system

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Think like a Product Manager as they coach their organization through a CRM migration
  • Prioritize where to spend their time and resources during the CRM migration process
  • Approach the CRM migration process from a place of knowledge rather than fear

Target Audience

Non profit staffers that plan to lead or particpate in the process of migrating CRMs or eCRMs




Michelle Shefter

VP, Fundraising Products


Michelle is the Vice President, Fundraising for EveryAction, where she leads the product development of the EveryAction fundraising CRM solution. Michelle is passionate about bringing tools to nonprofits that drive bottom line fundraising results and make fundraisers lives easier. Michelle joined EveryAction in February 2014 with two decades of fundraising, marketing and advocacy experience in the non-profit sector. Prior to joining EveryAction, Michelle was responsible for fundraising programs for several progressive non-profit advocacy organizations, including Defenders of Wildlife, Taxpayers for Common Sense, and League of Conservation Voters. Michelle was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Romania from 1999-2001, where she taught English. When not in the office, you can find Michelle in her kitchen, trying out new recipes that are centered around her latest find at the farmer’s market.

Brooke Heller

Data Projects Manager

Everytown for Gun Safety

Brooke has worked in an around progressive non profits for a decade and a bit. Her academic background in linguistics prepared her for a professional career looking for patterns in large data sets (voters, volunteers, donors) with the added bonus of being adept at translating things across tools and teams. When she’s not working, you can find her in the kitchen, the garden, or, on unpleasant days, reading about the kitchen or the garden.

Johanna Mingos

Data Intelligence Strategist

Project On Government Oversight

Johanna Mingos joined POGO in 2010 as a Data Specialist. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Biology from George Mason University, she supported Biotechnology patent searchers in a contract role. Johanna returned to POGO in 2017 and is POGO’s Data Intelligence Strategist. She supports both the Communications and Development teams in their marketing and fundraising efforts, providing metrics and reporting analyses of email campaigns, direct marketing outreach, and donation summaries.



March 24, 2021


8:30am – 9:30am