22NTC Session: IT
Make Your Data Trans-Inclusive
Submitted by: Avory Faucette


Do you work with membership, staff, subscriber, attendee, or funder data of any kind? Chances are, there are trans and gender non-conforming folks in your data! Drawing from experience with multiple nonprofit organizations of different sizes, this highly accessible session will present practical steps to ensure that your data not only respects trans people’s identities and privacy, but also goes further in inclusion. We’ll use trans folks as an entry point to talk about ways your data practices can reflect organizational values of cultural inclusion, advertise inclusivity, and provide broader access.

We’ll cover tips for database structure, staff training, and user experience that are platform-agnostic and applicable whether you’re just setting up your first CRM or looking to improve your existing data. This unique session gives data and IT professionals a chance to make a significant impact on organizational inclusivity.

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Wilson A


March 23, 2017


1:30pm – 3:00pm PST

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