21NTC Session

Workshop: Linking Accounting to Program Success


Program success has closer ties to accounting than one might think. We’ll provide you with the tools and skills to connect your accounting data directly to your program success. Closer linking will bring benefits in reporting, staff morale, efficiency, and program delivery. Applications include capital expenses, grant management, and marketing/out-reach.

Organizations are often challenged in connecting their governance and visionary work with the day to day activities due to a lack of staff time. Effectively use data already collected (without duplication!) to reduce time, increase transparency, and improve decision making.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that accounting is not just overhead, but can directly link with the success of your programs.
  • Connect cross-functional teams by collecting data in an accessible central system(s) and using it to collaborate across the organization.
  • Optimize planning by linking short & long term strategic goals to activities across the organization.

Target Audience

Cross-Functional Teams, Orgs on growth trajectory,


DatabaseManagementProject ManagementStrategy


Yatin Ambani

Consulting Technical Director

Oracle NetSuite

Yatin has 15+ years of experience as business process and systems consultant in variety of industries including nonprofit sector. He works at Oracle|NetSuite as Technical Consulting Director helping clients with ERP implementations. Outside of work, Yatin enjoys traveling, volunteering and playing tennis. He is also a high-handicap golfer.

Kai Williams

Executive Director

The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Kai Williams is Executive Director of The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC). She has managed the organization since February of 2010, providing training and resources on wildlife rehabilitation globally. She has a Masters degree in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University.



March 24, 2021


1:00pm – 2:00pm