22NTC Session: IT
Leveraging Your Organization’s Strategic Plan to Deliver New Technology
Submitted by: Melanie Starkey | Urban Land Institute


Connecting a strategic plan with the implementation of new technology for your organization feels like looking at lemonade and seeing the lemons from which they came. There are a large number of steps between the two in order to take a high level strategy (lemons) and turn it into a set of results (lemonade) that serves your organization. In this session we’ll walk through the steps required to make that connection, from the planning, to the implementation and finally the delivery of a successful lemonade…errr…technology for your organization!

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • See an example of taking a strategic plan and turning it into actionable steps
  • Understand how a strategic plan can help drive decision making
  • Apply a bigger picture of an organization’s strategy to operational details

Target Audience

Leadership and IT professionals who want to translate organizational vision to technology implementation