22NTC Session: Program
Lessons Learned From Two Years of Virtual Volunteering
Submitted by: Emily Patrick | Common Impact, Inc.


Common Impact, a national nonprofit that leverages cross-sector collaboration to drive equity, has held its signature skilled volunteering events fully virtually since the pandemic first shut down offices in March 2020. From quick-hit pitch competitions to days of service all the way to months-long team consulting engagements, we’ve successfully converted our service models for the remote environment via video, breakout rooms, and online collaboration tools. Join Tessa Vithayathil as she shares key learnings and best practices that will help ensure your nonprofit’s virtual volunteering success. After all, it’s not just a temporary pandemic measure – like remote and hybrid work, virtual volunteering is here to stay. Are you ready for the future of service?

This session will cover elements of productive virtual volunteer programming such as: project duration, making native platform tools work for you, constructing an effective run of show, and fostering meaningful relationships and collaboration remotely.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Host seamless virtual volunteer events using top tips the Common Impact staff learned the hard way these last two years
  • Construct a run of show that keeps things moving
  • Make the most of virtual platforms and online tools to maximize the impact of volunteers in a virtual environment

Target Audience

Volunteer managers, operations and strategy staff, leaders – basically any nonprofit folx who want to host seamless virtual volunteer events


March 24, 2022


10:00am – 10:30am PST