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20NTC Session

Keep Your Shiny, New Website Shiny and New


The best websites don’t just look beautiful – they empower nonprofit staffers to manage the site well after launch. And with great power comes great responsibility!

In this interactive session, Josh Riman, Founder and President of Great Believer, will share how you can develop an organization-wide maintenance plan that keeps your new website looking great and driving key actions years after launch.

This includes…

  • Tips to keep every part of your website fresh, even that dreaded blog
  • Techniques to allocate different types of updates to different members of your team
  • Ways to keep supporters engaged after the buzz around your new site starts to fade

Plus, Josh will walk through the most common issues that arise over time – like outdated information and visual inconsistency – and share ways to avoid these dreaded pitfalls.

Target Audience

Any nonprofit staffers who manage a beautiful new website and want to maximize its impact for years to come.


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Josh Riman

Founder and President

Great Believer

A Syracuse University grad, I spent nearly a decade immersed in the world of advertising, branding and marketing. I worked at great shops and made great friends, but never felt connected to my corporate clients.

My quest for more meaningful work led me to the Taproot Foundation, who assigned me to a string of branding projects for NYC-based nonprofits. These encounters inspired me to enroll at Baruch College and earn a master’s in nonprofit administration.

Armed with a boat-load of motivation and newfound know-how, I launched Great Believer.

Samantha Wasserman

Account Manager

Great Believer

A native New Yorker, I made the big move to rural Vermont to attend Middlebury College, fell in love with the fall foliage, and graduated with a degree in neuroscience.

Prior to Great Believer, I worked at a non-profit clinical research organization specializing in concussion research. I have always been passionate about the non-profit space and have volunteered and worked with several youth service and mentoring organizations.

I am fascinated by human behavior and love working closely with our clients to keep projects on track and to help them successfully communicate their ideas.

An enthusiastic podcast-listener and coffee-drinker, I also enjoy traveling, reading, and singing in my free time.





March 24, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm



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