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20NTC Session

It’s Not Your CRM It’s the Data


So the finance team hasn’t been able to reconcile the last month for weeks, fundraisers don’t feel confident in understanding which of their programs are working and important donors keep getting multiple emails, meanwhile the data team struggles to pull a simple list of constituents. Everybody in the organization seems to have had enough of the CRM what we need is to invest in a shiny new technology solution? Wrong. More often than not the reason for the above come down to your data, whether it’s rogue spreadsheets, siloed teams, duplicates, lack of policies and procedures, or unclear accountabilities and responsibilities. In this session we will get to the bottom of the root causes of all your technology problems and understand the right approach to solving them now and putting the tools in place for the future too.

Learning Outcomes

  • Get to the root causes of nonprofit technology issues
  • Understand best practice in organizing your data
  • See the big picture from a staffing, policy and procedures perspective

Target Audience

1: IT decision makers 2: Database Managers 3: Senior Fundraising and Marketing Staff 4: Finance/Operations




Alex Tom

Head of Private Sector Partnerships - Fundraising, Marketing and Community Engagement

UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency (Canada)

Alex Tom is a seasoned marketing professional with over 19 years of experience within various industries. He started his career in the Corporate sector with Staples and CIBC.

However, his love for building relationships and championing the underdogs coupled with his passion for philanthropy led him to move to the non-profit sector beginning with Plan Canada, to World Animal Protection, to St. Michael’s Hospital and most recently, he joined the UNHCR – the UN Refugee Agency where he is responsible for developing and overseeing UNHCR Canada’s private sector partnerships program where his team of brilliant fundraisers just had a record breaking year (31% revenue increase vs. 2017) and is now on track to do it all over again in 2019 (with the view of more than doubling the business by 2022)!

Chris Carter


Candela Strategies

Chris is a highly experienced fundraiser, and has spent over mastering the art of team leadership, strategic/marketing plans, branding, direct response, advertising, marketing integration, donor relations, data analysis, advanced raisers edge, and online/social network marketing.
Chris has many firsts to his name. He launched one of the first monthly donor door-and-street fundraising programs – the very first for any animal welfare organization in Canada. He also launched the first DRTV program for a land conservation charity in Canada. Moreover, he introduced and implemented symbolic giving to many organizations including ACT, TVO, and Mount Sinai Hospital.
When he finds some downtime, Chris like to write. In fact, he co-authored the CMA Fundraisers Handbook: A Guide to Measurement and Evaluation.





March 26, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



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