21NTC Session

It’s not the CRM, it’s your data

This is a resubmission of an accepted 20NTC session proposal.


So the finance team hasn’t been able to reconcile the last month for weeks, fundraisers don’t feel confident in understanding which of their programs are working and important donors keep getting multiple emails, meanwhile, the data team struggles to pull a simple list of constituents. Everybody in the organization seems to have had enough of the CRM what we need is to invest in a shiny new technology solution? Wrong. More often than not the reason for the above comes down to your data, whether it’s rogue spreadsheets, siloed teams, duplicates, lack of policies and procedures, or unclear accountabilities and responsibilities. In this session, we will get to the bottom of the root causes of all your technology problems and understand the right approach to solving them now and putting the tools in place for the future too.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Get to the root causes of nonprofit technology issues
  • Understand best practice in organizing your data
  • See the big picture from a staffing, policy and procedures perspective

Target Audience

IT decision makers, database managers, direct marketers




March 25, 2021


9:45am – 10:45am