22NTC Session Proposal

It’s all in the Delivery: AI/Machine Learning and Donor Conversions

Submitted by: Angela Stoutenburgh 🟠


Everyone’s talking about “AI,” and “Machine Learning,” as the next big things in fundraising. But what do they really mean for your team’s digital efforts?

In this session Human Rights Campaign and Rainforest Action Network share case studies on how they have paired AI and Machine big data insights with automated delivery mechanisms to convert donors. We’ll explore the use of content classification, algorithms, and predictive outcomes to provide insights – AND – make those insights actionable using marketing automation for delivery.

We’ll see how Rainforest Action Network has used Engaging Networks’ Accessible Intelligence™ to increase one-time to monthly conversions by 600% and Human Rights Campaign has partnered with ROI Solutions MiLo™ platform to produce a significant lift in results isolating responsive audiences based on predicted outcomes.

This session will illustrate how digital fundraisers move beyond the insights of AI to real world results and dollars raised.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the tactics and tools two leading nonprofits use to generate real results from AI and Machine Learning
  • Explore how AI can upgrade marketing automation to find and target new donor segments in your supporter file
  • Understand how AI can exponentially grow the reach of your digital team to new audiences with customized, targeted communications

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Digital fundraisers, marketing and communications staff interested in emerging technology and marketing automation