22NTC Session Proposal

Innovations in Virtual Event Fundraising Technology

Submitted by: Anna Nordstrom 🔵 🟠 | Pledgeling


With the shift from in-person to virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of fundraising is here. In order for nonprofits to survive – and thrive – in this new normal it is imperative to understand the all-in-one technology platforms available to help your organization develop an effective virtual fundraising strategy. In this session, you will learn about the latest online fundraising tools to seamlessly manage every aspect of a virtual fundraising campaign, and learn more about the Virtual Fundraising Guide created by NTEN and Pledgeling.

This session will be led by James & Grace of Pledgeling, a company that is leading advancements in the all-in-one fundraising technology space, and will include interactive polls with the audience to build a Q&A session around their interests and a panel of special guests who have used the latest online fundraising tools in successful fundraising campaigns for their nonprofit since COVID hit.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how easy it is to integrate the latest all-in-one technology platforms to build out successful virtual events
  • Understand how technology allows your organization to engage virtual event attendees with real time features including a virtual donation overlay
  • Learn how to engage your supporters, volunteers, and the community at large to seamlessly fundraise for your organization

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Nonprofits interested in the latest features of technology platforms for virtual fundraising campaigns, executing virtual events, and tracking donor data