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Innovating from the Front Lines: Using Bottom-Up-Innovation to Drive Programming


Bottom-up-innovation is an approach in which leadership invites people on the front-lines of their work to propose innovative ideas that support an organization’s overarching strategic objectives. It’s an approach grounded in the belief that the people closest to daily problems have unique perspectives on how those problems can be solved. Bottom-up-innovation can be very effectively used to drive programming strategies, and it is an especially useful tool as nonprofits increasingly value how critical it is for those on the ground to have a say in the programming that affects them.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to design and manage a bottom-up-innovation program. Furthermore, they will learn how to use this approach to not only create new programs but to also foster employee engagement and support marketing and fundraising. The workshop will be grounded in a real-world experience working with a New York nonprofit to implement this strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • understand how a bottom-up-innovation strategy can fit into their overall program development strategy.
  • understand how to manage this strategy using innovation management technology.
  • understand how a bottom-up-innovation strategy supports employee engagement, marketing, and fundraising efforts.

Target Audience

Programming Leadership, Innovation Leadership, HR Staff


Case StudyManagementOrg CultureProgram Development


March 26, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am