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20NTC Session

Increase Your Impact With an Efficient Digital Ecosystem


Rather than looking at systems such as your website and CRM as silos, wouldn’t it be better to understand how all of your tools fit together? In this session, we’ll walk through how to map your digital ecosystem, and how use that insight to create a roadmap for improvements which could include automated integrations, select custom functionality, and new tools to replace legacy systems. When the journey is complete, your team will be more efficient, you will gain a holistic view of how your constituents engage with your organization, and you can create more personalized, compelling digital experiences for your users.

In this session, we’ll go beyond just creating a map, and take the next step of realizing a more efficent future in partnership with 1000 Friends of Oregon.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify inefficiencies within their ecosystem and learn how improvements through increased automation and fewer disparate tools can help increase impact.
  • Learn how to create a map of their digital ecosystem.
  • Align their digital ecosystem with their organizational goals.

Target Audience

Decision makers in IT, marketing, communications, and development




Gabe Carleton-Barnes

Director of Engineering


Gabe has worked in non-profit technology since an internship in the summer of 2000. He spent over a decade at social justice and environmental nonprofits in New York City and in Portland, OR before joining ThinkShout.

As the Systems Administrator at Ecotrust & The Wild Salmon Center, Gabe gained a deep knowledge of nonprofit technology needs and challenges, solved technical problems of many stripes, and gained a deep understanding of nonprofit culture. As the Operations Director for Immigration Equality, he helped a small non-profit grow from 7 to 17 employees, open an office in DC, form an Action Fund to lobby for political change, and built a unified database for tracking the organization’s constituents, contributions, and legal clients.

Gabe has a BA in Computer Science and Theatre from Oberlin College.

Lev Tsypin



Lev co-founded ThinkShout with the goal of bringing digital tools and strategy to organizations working to create lasting, positive change in the world. He believes that business can be a force for good in society, and strives for ThinkShout to reflect that ideal.



March 25, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm