22NTC Session: Digital Inclusion
Inclusion in Website Usability: How-to Ensure Different Voices Are Heard
Submitted by: Aline Lin | Astriata


The website user experience for one person can differ greatly for another person based on their life experiences, background and perspective. During this session, we will discuss how to ensure that the experience on your website is inclusive and what role usability plays in broadening your reach. How can you leave your assumptions about your audience at the door and be open to hearing different voices and concerns?

Join us as we share how we leverage our proven methodology in usability testing that we’ve developed over the past twenty years on how to help create web experiences that are more inclusive. Leave with a concrete plan that you can implement easily on a limited budget.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • How to incorporate usability testing to ensure inclusion
  • Explore ways to see and hear different voices
  • Why different perspectives matter

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff who are interested in being more inclusive on their website


March 24, 2022


1:40pm – 2:10pm PST