22NTC Session Proposal

Impact Stories: Combining Stories and Data to Better Prove Impact

Submitted by: Molly Cleveland 🟠


The services that nonprofits and programs provide are life-changing. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to capture, interpret and utilize their life-changing data in a meaningful way.

For many social workers, the anecdotes – or the stories of the people you work with – come naturally, but they have a harder time effectively blending the data and impact into more meaningful stories.

An impact story, or an authentic melding of data and empathy, can be used within an organization to prove community and participant impact. There’s tremendous power in how we share impact and how it’s put out into the community. The impact story can be used in a variety of ways: create infographics and flyers, include them in grant applications and present them to your board.

This session aims to explore reporting best practices and how to incorporate data to tell your program and participant stories and journeys fully.

Learning Outcomes

  • Take away best practices and steps to craft an impact story that is both data-driven and emotionally appealing
  • Share their impact story in a variety of ways to help secure more funding and engage the community
  • Implement reporting best practices with technology to become more data-driven and prove your full impact

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

1) Exec directors, 2) Program managers, 3) Case managers, 4) Funders