22NTC Session Proposal

How to Fearlessly Ask for Anything


In this highly interactive session, you’ll learn about the 10 biggest fears that development professionals and board members have around asking for anything. The group will identify their top three fears and we’ll dive deeply into what they are and what you can do to overcome them. There will be time to practice, and you will come away with resources and action plans you can use after the workshop is over. You will leave the session feeling more empowered to fearlessly ask for what you want.

Development professionals and board members must stand confidently in their ability to ask for what their organizations need to be successful. These ten fears can often get in the way. This workshop will build confidence in professionals of every experience level.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the 10 biggest fears around asking for anything
  • Learn and practice strategies for overcoming the top 3 fears as identified by the group
  • Build a network of support for attendees

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Development professionals and board members who feel queasy when asking for what they need.