22NTC Session Proposal

How to Build a Privacy and Cyber Security Program

Submitted by: Steven Sheinberg 🟠


For a nonprofit, it will be the worst-case scenario: you discover that your donor data has been compromised by outsiders. The years of reputation and trust you’ve built are gone in an instant. On top of all that, your team is asking, “What do we do now?”

While many in our community believe that a privacy and cyber security program is beyond their fiscal means, the fact is there are many ways to tackle this problem—many of which are low and no cost—and most of which is low-tech. And the cost of doing nothing? In the highly competitive world of reputation management, the consequences of a breach can be absolutely devastating.

This workshop will bring together a diverse group of experts in this area—all of whom have a great deal of nonprofit experience—to give you the tools you need today to develop a cyber security and privacy plan that won’t leave you wondering, “What next?”

To get a sense of what we will cover, the following are the key steps in building such a program. The panel will bring these steps to life and talk about how to get this work done:

  • Identify the information you have
  • Determine what information needs to be kept private
  • Identify key threats to that information
  • Handle the low-hanging fruit of cyber security, and prioritize the harder stuff
  • Back good cyber security with good employment practices and policies
  • Stay up-to-date with cyber security, and get a program in place
  • Get prepared for a breach

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