22NTC Session Proposal

Workshop: How to Be a Great Digital Transformation Leader

Submitted by: Sara Teitelman 🟠 | Ideal State


Successful digital transformation leaders have a vision, empathy, a diverse toolbox, and a whole lot of grit. If you’ve got a digital transformation project in your sights, now is the time to assess if you have what it takes to make your project a resounding success!

During this interactive workshop, we’ll provide you with practical tools for becoming a self-aware and successful digital transformation leader. You’ll take a rapid assessment to gauge your strengths and weaknesses and then receive tried-and-true “recipes” for overcoming challenges based on your leadership style and skill set. You’ll come away knowing how to assemble a well-matched team of collaborators and champions to help bring your project to a successful completion, no matter how ambitious or far-reaching.

Whether you’re working on a team of 30 or are a solo superstar, get hands-on strategies for knocking your next digital transformation project out of the park!

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess their strengths, weaknesses and skills as a digital transformation leader
  • Assemble and mobilize the right mix of collaborators and champions to achieve the desired result
  • Anticipate and successfully overcome common risks and barriers to project success

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Target Audience

IT, Marketing, HR, Development, or Communications leaders contemplating or embarking on a digital transformation effort at their organization