22NTC Session Proposal

The First 90 Days: How To Design Responsive, Multi-Channel Donor Journeys To Grow Donor Engagement

Submitted by: Noah Barnett | Virtuous


Today’s donor is distracted. Hyper-connectivity, micro-consumption, fractured attention, and fierce competition are namesakes in our connected economy. This is now compounded due to the upheaval the 2020 global health and economic crisis left behind with no clear end in sight.

Amidst uncertainty and shifting donor expectations, how should you cultivate new donors to ensure you build connection and secure second gifts? We’ll address these challenges head-on, share why multi-channel is a must in 2021, and map a clear donor journey process that will increase your new donor retention and help you grow your donor base at scale.

Learning Outcomes

  • Three core factors that drive donors to give again
  • Why multi-channel cultivation is a must in 2021 and beyond
  • How to use responsive fundraising to design dynamic donor journeys at scale

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Donor development and marketing leaders curious how they can use multi-channel to onboard and steward new donors better