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20NTC Session

Getting Started With Data Science and Machine Learning


You’ve heard the hype, now come find out what it’s really all about. In this introductory workshop we will share with you the basics on what data science and machine learning are and how you can use them in the nonprofit space. After an overview we will talk about data collection, do a bit of data cleaning and then a bit of reporting. Afterwards we’ll talk about some of the algorithms used in predictive analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how data science and machine learning are transforming nonprofits today
  • Learn about basic data collection and data cleaning
  • Discover basic algorithms to use in predictive analytics

Target Audience

IT decision makers; Anyone interested in getting started with data science and machine learning to get cleaner data to make decisions with


AnalyticsDataData VizReport


Ria Sankar

Director of Program Management


Ria is a Director of Program Management at Microsoft. She is a founding member of the AI for Good team, responsible for infusing data, AI and machine-learning to solve complex scenarios like ethical compliance and humanitarian efforts.

Ria is a 10-year Microsoft veteran with a long, cross-discipline career spanning program management, product strategy, digital marketing, customer research, analytics, and strategic partnerships.

She previously drove Program Management within the Microsoft’s AI Products & Research product division. In a prior role as Group Manager of Product Planning, Ria led a team of rockstar PMs and analysts that delivered impactful insights recognized by Microsoft’s SLT.

She enjoys giving back to the community by serving on several non-profit boards and coaching the next generation of product and analytics leaders at Product School, a premier education startup.





March 24, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



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