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20NTC Session

Front Office/Back Office, How to Facilitate Communication


Even on the best of teams, there is often a divide between the ‘techies’ and ‘front office fundraisers.’

Have you ever heard or said “I just want a report, how hard can that be? Why do they always have to make it so difficult?”

Have you ever said or heard “Tell me what you want, I can’t write a report based on ‘oh you know, people that gave us some money recently.”

There is often a large communication barrier between front and back office, the technical and those going out to get the gifts. This seminar is intended to help break down that barrier and improve communication and understanding between the groups.

Target Audience

Fundraisers and fundraising IT staff/report writers




Marianna Dostal

Data Administrator

Cleveland State University

I have worked in the fundraising section of the nonprofit field for over 15 years. During that time I worked in various support functions, finally settling down with my primary love, the database. It is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Due to this love, I have also learned to translate from data-ese to fundraiser-ese and vice versa, an important skill as both groups interact with the database and its information in completely different ways. Join me to discover how to help that communication.





March 25, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm



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