22NTC Session: IT
Forget Accessibility — Think Inclusive Design
Submitted by: Nicolas Steenhout | Knowbility


We’ll talk about accessibility for people with disabilities, the current efforts by so many organizations to include diversity, and how the term “accessibility” can create an “us vs them” mindset that doesn’t benefit anyone.

People with disabilities use technology and the web to function and communicate. That’s pretty straight forward, right? But what happens when a site or an app isn’t coded in a way that makes it accessible and usable by people with disabilities? We’ve created barriers, we’ve caused the person’s impairment to become disabling, reducing their ability to communicate. Effectively, we’re shutting people with disabilities down!

There are barriers to communication outside the web as well. Sometimes obvious, other times not so much.

We’ll explore the idea of disability vs impairment, look at some communication barriers related to disabilities and technology, and more importantly, what we can all do to reduce or eliminate those barriers.

Session Type

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between impairment and disability
  • Reflect on the organization's practices and culture of inclusion
  • Draw paralels between physical accessibility and digital accessibility

Target Audience

Anyone involved with an organisation's website


AccessibilityDigital Inclusion




March 24, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm PST



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