22NTC Session Proposal

Everywhere Automation can be Implemented in Your Nonprofit

Submitted by: Lisa Rau | Fionta


Every attendee at this session has technology in their organization that has functionality to create programmatic automations — but how many are using this functionality to its full extent? While new donation processes likely have some workflows associated with them, what other business processes could be automated to reduce manual effort on the part of staff? How do the state-of-the-art automation systems work, and what are the best practices in defining, creating, testing, rolling out and maintaining them? While at first blush, this topic may seem ordinary — participants will leave with a new appreciation of how extraordinary and powerful workflow and automation technology is, how easy it can be to set up, and a list of starter concepts to bring back to their nonprofits. We cover tips and tricks; what to watch out for as you leave routine tasks to computers so staff can stay focused on strategic imperatives.

Learning Outcomes

  • What systems (AMS, CRM, Office, other) have functionality for automation included?
  • What are automations / workflows / triggers and how do they work?
  • Concepts for consideration of nonprofit business processes that are appropriate for automation

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

IT and program decision makers