22NTC Session Proposal

Everything I Know About Storytelling I Learned From D&D

Submitted by: Charlotte Field 🔵 | Good Works


She’d been on his trail for months.

She’d spent every coin she had to get here. Every scar was a chapter in this journey to seek revenge upon the monster that devastated her village.

The air whistles throughout the icy cavern. She shivers in her armor. She cannot falter now.

Another step. Slow. Silent. She peers around the frozen stalagmite and sees it. Lounging on a pile of glittering treasure: the white dragon.

She steels herself. Takes a deep breath. She draws her bow and takes aim.


From building tension, to creating worlds that feel real, to making space for the hero to shine, we’ll break down how to tell stories that grip hearts and grab attention, whether you’re playing with twenty-sided dice or writing your next fundraising appeal.

After all, you might not be fighting dragons – but poverty, climate change, and inequity make for great villains too.

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the 5 elements of good stories and how you can use them in your own non-profit storytelling
  • Understand what sets a good story apart from a great one and learn how to pick the right story
  • What to do if you don't have a story to tell

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Fundraisers and marketers who want to improve their storytelling - or who are struggling to find stories to tell