22NTC Session: Digital Inclusion
Enhancing Digital Inclusion Projects via Community of Practice
Submitted by: Alex Nelson | Kansas City Public Library


Digital Inclusion work is done by many nonprofits around the country, but what does it look like when such work is done together in a communal network?

The Kansas City Public Library works alongside a cohort of 13 other libraries, each with their own individual digital inclusion project. Working within this cohort model enables all of the libraries to share resources, ideas, and more to make sure that their projects are both successful and adaptable.

The Technology Learning Collaborative in Philadelphia was formed 8 years ago as a local professional development network for digital inclusion practitioners and advocates and has grown to over 400 members.

During this session, hear from both groups on their experiences with collaboration, discuss and analyze the many ways in which it enhances the success of digital inclusion efforts, and learn more about each model as a case study for others in the digital inclusion field.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will learn about how to develop a framework for their own network of digital inclusion community of practice.
  • Attendees will participate in a collaborative learning environment during the session by engaging with peers about best practices for creating digital inclusion community of practice.
  • Attendees will identify new ways to connect and collaborate with other organizations doing digital inclusion projects.

Target Audience

• Digital inclusion practitioners looking for ways to benefit their own digital inclusion efforts and programs


March 25, 2022


10:00am – 11:00am PST