21NTC Session

Empowering Change: Tech is Only One Piece of the Puzzle


Tech-based solutions for nonprofits are at their core, just tools. For tools to have an impact, people need to understand why they should use them, have the knowledge and ability to use them, and embrace them as a new way of working. Unfortunately “if you build it, they will come” is only applicable to ghosts and baseball fields in Iowa. Too often the adoption of a new software or cloud-based solution is focused heavily on configuration and set up, and the human side is under-resourced or dismissed entirely. Whether your goal is to maximize your impact or return on investment, this session will get you there by introducing best practices in change management to create staff buy-in, enable staff to effectively adopt technology, and ensure the change sticks. You’ll also walk away with the skills you need to evaluate your capacity for change and develop your plan for effective change.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how change management best practices impact the implementation and success of technology solutions.
  • Evaluate their program/organization's capacity for change.
  • Develop a change management plan.

Target Audience

IT Decision Makers, Program Managers, Executives, Project Managers, Leaders Wearing Many Hats, Learning Leaders, Organizational Change Makers


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Whitney Brown

Learning and Development Manager


Whitney Brown is the Learning and Development Manager at Cloudbakers. In her previous role as Practice Lead for Change and Adoption at Cloudbakers, she led a team of cloud trainers and content specialists with deep product knowledge, dedicated to guiding clients through every step of their business transformation, taking them from cloud newbie’s to cloud Champions, and delighting project teams every step of the way!

Coming from a career in health education, research, technical training, and assessment, Whitney has always focused on improving outcomes. Whitney has spoken at multiple conferences and participated on panels, including Google Cloud Next ‘18 where she took the stage with Cloudbakers colleagues and Adler Planetarium to share their success in rolling out G Suite.

Joey Brown

Sr. Director of Performance Management

St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore

Joey Brown is a nonprofit professional with over 10 years experience as a change agent within the nonprofit sector including driving organizational, programmatic, and tech-based changes to achieve greater and more efficient impact.



March 24, 2021


1:00pm – 2:00pm