22NTC Session: Marketing/Communications
Workshop: Email Going to Spam? Learn Deliverability From the Experts
Submitted by: Jeffrey Dugas | Action Network


You spend so much time writing emails to your supporters, you need your important messages to end up in the inbox! But Gmail, Yahoo, and other email providers are constantly changing how they sort your emails, and Apple’s iOS 15 adds brand new challenges to the deliverability space. Join Action Network deliverability expert Amy Chin-Lai to learn how to ensure your emails get to your activists every time. We’ll cover how email providers determine what’s spam and what isn’t, how the algorithms have changed in the past year, and how you can test your email program to ensure deliverability. You’ll also have a chance to learn new strategies, practice techniques like testing down the list, and ask questions to some of the foremost experts in the email deliverability field.

This interactive workshop will be held in Zoom.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to build email programs that ensure their messages are reaching their audience.
  • Practice testing down the list, reactivation campaigns, authentication, and other deliverability best practices.
  • Learn how email providers determine what's spam and what isn't and how the algorithms have changed in the past year.

Target Audience

This is a training intended for people who send mass email — digital directors, communications staff, consultants, and more.


March 23, 2022


1:00pm – 2:00pm PST