22NTC Session: Fundraising
Workshop: Don’t Follow Donations With Silence, Create an Email Welcome Journey
Submitted by: Patty Breech | The Purpose Collective


If you want to stop leaving money on the table, you need an email welcome journey… right now! (An email welcome journey is a series of messages sent to a supporter immediately after they take an action with you.)

During this session, we’ll introduce you to the power of automated email welcome journeys and help you consider how they can accelerate your organization’s fundraising strategy. We’ll share the best practices on when you should trigger emails and what content you should include to engage with your donors in a meaningful way. You’ll leave this session with ideas, inspiration, and an outline for your first welcome journey.

This is your golden opportunity to draw people into your story, validate their decision to become donors, and turn them into loyal ambassadors for your cause. Stop greeting your donors with silence; keep them coming back forever!

This interactive workshop will be hosted on Zoom.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover what an email welcome journey is and why your organization needs one...now!
  • Brainstorm ideas and learn the best practices for email timing and content for your welcome journeys.
  • Map out your organization's first automated donor welcome journey.

Target Audience

Marketing & communications or fundraising staff members who manage donor communications and want to build their first email welcome journey.


March 24, 2022


8:30am – 9:30am PST