22NTC Session Proposal

Donor Acquisition: Maximizing ROI in a Multi-Channel World

Submitted by: Michelle Shefter đźź  | EveryAction


Should your organization invest in email acquisition? Grow direct mail acquisition? Advertising? All of the above? How (and when) do you know if your online acquisition program is paying off?

Come talk about the best ways to track Acquisition ROI across channels. We’ll share a case study of Sempervirens Fund’s omni-channel acquisition program, covering all the factors to consider when assessing (and justifying!) your investment in email acquisition. We’ll also highlight organizations with small and large acquisition budgets. And we’ll show you how to set up a system to track and report on these numbers yourself!

Learning Outcomes

  • Calculate acquisition ROI in a consistent way across channels, so they can identify where to find their best donors
  • Create a system to attribute donors/gifts back to the initial acquisition investment—taking cross-channel giving behavior into account
  • Leverage standard acquisition benchmarks metrics and reporting formats to help decide when to invest more and when to cut losses

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