21NTC Session
Digital Inclusion

Do No Harm: Create Your Org’s Ethical Oath for Data/tech.


Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath. Google the phrase “data technology hippocratic oath” and you’ll see that there is already a mainstream conversation about the ethical responsibilities inherent in data & technology work. Seth Godin speaks frequently on the responsibility of programmers and designers to consider the ethics of their work. What does this mean for mission-driven organizations and program evaluation? In this session we will cover a wide range of topics under the umbrella of ethics for data and technology work, and start to draft Ethical Oaths for our own organizations, teams, and/or individual work. We’ll grapple with questions such as, “How do we know if our work is causing harm?”, “How do we make decisions about data privacy and security that do no harm?”, “What data/tech accessibility issues do we have?”, and hold ourselves accountable (in writing) to the effort to do no harm with our data & technology.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify ways in which well-intentioned organizations and programs (including their own) can do harm in communities
  • Start and/or lead discussions with colleagues about the ethical underpinnings of their use of data and tech.
  • Draft an ethical oath for their organization, team, or themselves in regards to using data & technology for mission-driven work

Target Audience

a) IT decision makers, b) Strategy, operations, and/or IT team leaders, c) HR professional, d) anyone interested in ethics


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Emily Hicks-Rotella

Nonprofit Data & Tech Strategist

Make Tech Work For You

Emily’s vision statement: All mission-driven, social justice-oriented people and organizations will have the confidence and skills to learn, use and love data & technology as part of achieving their missions.

Emily has over a decade of experience working with organizations of all shapes and sizes to support their data and technology culture and strategy. As part of this work, Emily supports staff members to learn, use, and love their data and technology, adds capacity to teams and organizations that need additional technical knowledge and skill, and uses a uniquely human and non-technical approach to develop and support a culture that sets up staff and organizations for success using data and technology for their missions and impact. Emily lives in the Bronx, New York with their wife and two young children, and when they aren’t being a total data and tech nerd, they are either singing outside, snowboarding, reading, or getting more tattoos.

Samantha Shain

Chief Problem Solver

The Data Are Alright

Spreadsheets are my super power and I use them to empower changemakers to unleash their potential! I write The Data Are Alright, a blog about civil rights, spreadsheets, databases, puns, and social justice. When I’m not fixing data problems, I can be found embroidering, knitting, or eating Nutella out of the jar, with or without a spoon.

In my spare time, I work full time at The William Penn Foundation and hold 4 active Salesforce certifications.

José Luis Marantes

Partner, Training Services

The Management Center

José Luis is a community organizer, trainer, and social entrepreneur who brings a passion for unlocking people’s full potential and getting leaders unstuck and on mission. As a co-founder of the United We Dream Network, he helped establish the internal structures that took a small movement-building startup to an established national organization with more than 50 affiliates and dozens of staff leading the fight for immigrant justice. He co-developed the Education Not Deportation Campaign, which won deferred action from deportation for over two million immigrant youth in 2012 and set a new precedent in relief from deportation. As a state director for Mi Familia Vota in Florida, he led a team of 60+ staff to motivate 40,000 voters to go to the polls. He has led campaigns and managed teams for the PICO Network, Center for Community Change, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition, and was selected as an Emerging Innovator by Ashoka Changemakers for his work in bringing communities together in Orlando across language differences. He holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida and a B.A. in Sociology from Wesleyan University.



March 24, 2021


8:30am – 9:30am