22NTC Session Proposal

Digital Natives Guiding Unsure New Users


How many times have you had someone tell you, “I can’t do it?” How many times have you gotten frustrated at how frustrated you get when you try to explain how to do a simple thing to a new user? Many of us digital natives, folks who grew up with computers in our lives, quite frankly see a computer differently than the folks we are trying to help. Digital natives need to recognize that the skills we take for granted are foreign to these new users and need to change how we approach teaching them. In addition, many of these new users have some degree of computer anxiety and need to have a more empathetic and constructive approach that celebrates what they accomplish as they make strives in using the tool we take for granted. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding your place on the digital native spectrum and how it colors how you explain the computer to others.
  • Understanding how computer anxiety can freeze up new users.
  • Supporting them with empathy and compassion as they learn to navigate the computer.

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

Digital Inclusion specialists working with a wide range of new computer users