22NTC Session Proposal

Digital fundraising in 2021: The power of small-dollar donors

Submitted by: Sara Moe | ActBlue


2020 was a historic year for organizing. People showed up in many different ways to support their communities, whether that was advocating for racial justice, supporting health care workers and other essential workers in the fight against COVID-19, or highlighting the necessity for reproductive justice and action on climate change. Small-dollar donors and the nonprofits they support have played a crucial role in these fights, proving that grassroots, digital fundraising *is* organizing, and that this movement is here to stay. We’ll be joined by three other organizations to reflect on the lessons learned in the past year and assess how nonprofits can retain and grow small-dollar donor power online in 2021.

Learning Outcomes

  • How did digital organizing power movements in 2020
  • How have small-dollar donors impacted the work of nonprofits
  • How can we use the lessons of 2020 to grow small-dollar donor support for nonprofits in 2021

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Nonprofit professionals, especially in development or fundraising, looking to learn about the power of small-dollar fundraising as an organizing tool.