22NTC Session: Marketing/Communications
Developing Inclusive Marketing Materials That Prioritize Equity
Submitted by: Laura Patch | Sierra Club


In this session, we will cover how you can use internal marketing materials to help your organization embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. Marketing can be a powerful tool to transform your organization and push it toward being more inclusive. We will discuss how to create brand and messaging resources that prioritize equity and diversity. We’ll share tips on how to bake inclusion into your products through project charters, user surveys, wireframes, and the design process. And we’ll talk about how to build a culture of inclusion by giving everyone the tools they need to live those values.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Better incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in organizational messaging and brand guidelines.
  • Prioritize inclusion in project and product processes from user surveys to design files.
  • Build a framework that helps every department in the organization embrace and live DEI principles.

Target Audience

Marketing and communications staff, internal communications staff, digital product managers who scope tools


March 24, 2022


8:30am – 9:30am PST