21NTC Session

Workshop: Design Tips for the Non-Designer


Good design on the web, in social media and in print can separate your nonprofit from a sea of sameness and convince supporters to take action. But “good design” can be elusive, especially when the work falls on the shoulders of a nonprofit employee who has only dabbled in design.

In this interactive workshop, members of the Great Believer team will show how to make immediate improvements to your nonprofit’s design efforts. Great Believer’s crash course will cover design fundamentals, brand guidelines and design software, equipping you with a toolbox of techniques and more confidence in your design chops.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of good design
  • Gain insight into different design software for different design endeavors
  • Learn techniques to improve design efforts on the web, in social media and in print

Target Audience

Nonprofit employees who find design work creeping into their job description, although they have little (if any) design expertise.




Josh Riman

Founder + President

Great Believer

After graduating from Syracuse University, I spent nearly a decade immersed in the world of advertising, branding and marketing. I worked at great shops and made great friends, but never felt connected to my corporate clients.

My quest for more meaningful work led me to the Taproot Foundation, who assigned me to a string of pro bono branding projects for NYC-based nonprofits.

These experiences fundamentally changed the trajectory of my career, inspiring me to earn a master’s in Nonprofit Administration and launch Great Believer.

Today, I live in Brooklyn with my lovely wife Missy, smiley son Remy and ferocious cat Sunny.

Mike Yamagata

Art Director

Great Believer

Raised in Hawaii and trained at Western Michigan University’s School of Arts, I’m a multifaceted art director with an endless devotion to typography, illustrations and branding.

My versatile creative approach allows me to bring effective design to Great Believer’s amazing clients. No matter the project, I bring a keen sense of style – and a keen sense of humor.

In my spare time, I love listening to podcasts and exploring the food scene in Queens.



March 24, 2021


1:00pm – 2:00pm