22NTC Session: Leadership
Data & Tech for Mission-Driven Work WITHOUT an IT Team
Submitted by: Emily Hicks-Rotella | Make Tech Work For You


Mission-Driven organizations of all shapes and sizes want to use data & tech for their missions, but not all organizations have a “tech” or “IT” team to guide and support this part of the work. In this session we will bring together a panel of change-makers from NPOs without tech teams to talk about what “essential” tech tools they use to support their missions and how and by whom they are managed. Without focusing on or promoting any single vendor or platform, we’ll look together across the major areas of data & tech needs (data collection and storage, money processing, email marketing, automation, integration, document creation, etc.) and discuss ways your organizations can support non-IT staff to learn, use, and love the tools available. Come for the tech talk and walk away with pathways for expanding the data & tech learning culture at your organization.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Know how peer organizations are managing their data & tech without having dedicated “tech” teams
  • Explore pathways to support staff using data & tech and what it means to start and maintain a “Tech” team
  • Examine venn-diagram of positive data & tech culture and positive learning culture at organizations and how to increase the overlap.

Target Audience

Anyone who is managing, owning, and/or using data & tech in their organizations without being on a “tech” team


March 23, 2022


1:00pm – 2:00pm PST