21NTC Session

Data Sharing: The What, Why, and How


Across the nonprofit sector there is growing interest in pooling together data to solve shared problems. The sharing of data with partner organizations, researchers, and funders has the potential to allow nonprofits greater insights and evidence that will help them achieve their shared goals. 

More and more nonprofit organizations see the value in data sharing, but this is not familiar territory. This session will highlight the strategic value of data sharing and discuss the governance, technology, and capacity considerations necessary for effective collaboration.

Attendees will leave this session learning:

  • Why do data sharing
  • The conditions under which data sharing makes sense
  • The conditions for success
  • The institutional and governance considerations and requirements 
  • The technology required to enable effective sharing

All of these topics will be brought to light with a case study of Giving Tuesday’s philanthropic giving data collaboratives.

Session Type

60 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Attendees will receive tools and resources that will help them design and implement their own data sharing projects.
  • Attendees will learn what data sharing is, and how it can help achieve shared objectives across and within sectors.
  • Attendees will learn the technology, governance, and capacity considerations that are needed to effectively engage in a data sharing initiative.

Target Audience

Senior Executives, IT and evaluation leaders who are thinking about or engaging in data partnerships to achieve strategic objectives.




Jesse Bourns



Jesse is the COO of Ajah, and the co-founder of Powered by Data. He has a deep expertise in technology and applying it to solve real-world business problems—with a focus on the social sector and international development. Besides running Ajah and advising Powered by Data, he consults with institutions and collaboratives on how to design and deploy technology to support their strategies.

Jesse has an extensive background in technology, startups, and the social sector—including information architecture, open data, user experience, software development, business analysis, and change management. He specializes in complex, long-term systems and the design of effective governance for those systems.

Woodrow Rosenbaum

Chief Data Officer


As Chief Data Officer for GivingTuesday, Woodrow has been instrumental in shaping the GivingTuesday movement globally and has led groundbreaking research and analysis of individual giving behaviors. Woodrow’s experience in the for-purpose sector elevating giving behaviors has greatly impacted the way he approaches consumer strategies. He’s learned how to move markets from passive participants to active and vocal ambassadors – a lens he brings to all his strategic work. Woodrow is also Founder and CEO of With Intent, an international consumer marketing agency. He has a long history of leading significant growth for top consumer brands by defining strategies, developing innovative business routes and expanding markets.



March 24, 2021


1:00pm – 2:00pm