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20NTC Session

Data-Informed Design: Raising Your Organization’s Design Voice


Data-informed decisions are essential to the success of any organization’s digital presence – and organizations of all sizes struggle to implement changes based on what their data shows. Large organizations may move slowly, creating barriers to implementing change. Small organizations may lack the resources and tools they feel they need for data collection and change management.  But fancy tools aren’t always necessary, and incremental changes can be key to driving shifts in organizational thinking.

The Office of Strategic Communications manages GSA’s primary internet, intranet and mobile portals and is responsible for enterprise content strategy. The UX team makes recommendations and champions adoption of UX practices and design thinking more broadly.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • How to use usability methods to gain valuable data and insights;
  • How to build internal partnerships for a data-informed approach to design;
  • How to advocate for design changes based on user testing and data analytics.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce modern design practices, especially data-informed design ones, into their organizations.
  • Create a roadmap to gather data and evidence and then effectively use it.
  • Advocate for improved UX and design integration at their organizations - at any stage of their project.

Target Audience

Designers of any experience level who are trying to introduce modern design practices, especially data-informed design ones, into their organizations.


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Kristal Byrd

User Experience and Digital Analytics Programs Manager


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Julia Bradshaw

User Experience Designer

Forum One

Julia creates compelling, intuitive, and beautiful user experiences for her clients. She champions the user and recommends strategies and designs to fulfill their needs. Prior to joining Forum One, Julia worked as a social and economic policy researcher, where she collected and analyzed data on national policies related to homelessness, runaway youth, Hispanic families in the U.S., and job search assistance programs. She was a double major in International Studies and Economics, earning her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. Julia is also a graduate from General Assembly, earning her Certificate in User Experience Design.





March 24, 2020


10:30am – 11:45am



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