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20NTC Session

Cut the Drudgery: Using Python to Automate Routine Tasks


Coding – that’s for software developers and computer science whizzes, right? Wrong! Coding is for EVERYONE and is an immensely practical office skill that could potentially save you hundreds of hours of drudge work annually, letting you get to the interesting stuff.  Plus it’s really fun! Python is known for its utility in data analysis, but you can also use Python to automatically generate and distribute reports, scrape websites for information, and more.  In this session, I will lay out the first steps needed to get up and running with Python, demonstrate what can be done using just a few lines of code, and recommend resources for getting started.

Target Audience

Anyone who has ever been interested in learning to code but doesn't know what they'd use it for.




March 26, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm