22NTC Session Proposal

Creating Change Champions, Not Just Change: Tips for any System Roll-out


Come learn about our journey of wins and misses migrating to Salesforce together as a client and consultant partnership, and what we changed with our upgrade to a staff-championed system four years later as coach and coachee. We aim to inspire you with new tools and mindsets for when you are supporting your team in learning and adopting new technologies – and maybe even learning those new technologies yourself along the way. We are excited to get to share the insights we’ve gained together from some of our more challenging and exhilarating days – including how to flip some common roll-out pitfalls and how to stay agile, relationship-driven and mission-focused through these leaps we take as techies.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cultivate a nimble, joyful mindset for yourself/your team as you support their adoption/ownership of technologies that help you work together.
  • Craft an implementation plan that garners champions for your new technologies.
  • Foster the power of coaching to empower your staff - i.e. system administrators, users, stakeholders - as your technology experts.

Session Type

60 minute session

Target Audience

Emerging and experienced system administrators/engineers; Emerging and experienced system strategists and culture-setters; Implementation and change management consultants