22NTC Session: Leadership
Workshop: Creating and Sustaining a Vibrant Hybrid Nonprofit Workplace Culture
Submitted by: Meico Marquette Whitlock


We’re two years into a pandemic we initially thought would be over in two weeks. The nonprofit workplace has changed forever. There is no going “back to normal.” But what does the future of work look like for non-profits?

Some of us will continue to work remotely (all or some of the time) while others will work in person.

So how do we avoid slipping into old norms that weren’t working for us? How do we use this as an opportunity to create a workplace culture that works better for everyone whether you’re working virtually or in person or both?

This interactive workshop will help you create a vibrant culture. Instead of recreating what we had, we will focus on lessons we’ve learned from the pandemic and discuss practical shifts we can make in our workplaces to reflect the world we’re living in today.

This interactive workshop will be held in Zoom.

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Learning Outcomes

  • Get a summary of the latest research and trends on the future of work.
  • Discuss practical shifts to create sustained culture change that works better for everyone in the post-pandemic workplace.
  • Learn practical strategies for activating and sustaining a vibrant culture in the post-pandemic workplace for the long haul.

Target Audience

Leaders and aspiring leaders or decision-makers at any level in their organization.


March 23, 2022


1:00pm – 2:00pm PST