22NTC Session Proposal

Creating Accessible & Inclusive Digital Content

Submitted by: Lisa Smyth 🟠 | Texthelp


While there is an understandable focus on web accessibility legislation, there is more to digital inclusion than the minimum requirements set out in government regulations.

It’s about creating an inclusive culture throughout your organisation, to ensure accessible user experiences across all channels and communications.

From the content we publish online or send by email, to videos, audio and social media, it’s important that we open up every piece of digital content, so that it’s available and accessible to everyone. The work doesn’t just sit with your website and IT team.

In this session with accessibility experts, Texthelp, learn more about requirements around web accessibility and how to go beyond those requirements to create truly inclusive online experiences.


Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of web accessibility legislation and understanding of first steps to create accessible website and content
  • Understanding of best practice around readability and the importance of writing in plain language
  • Understanding of how to create accessible social media, video and audio content

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

Marketing / communications / PR professionals, website managers, digital leaders, corporate social responsibility leads and IT specialists.