22NTC Session Proposal

Consentful UX

Submitted by: Johanna Bates 🔵 | DevCollaborative


We want our websites to stand out. Website makers are often pressured to keep users’ attention, no matter what it takes. This often means attempting to “engage” users in ways that we would never dream of doing with someone face-to-face: interrupting them, stalking them around a web page, and using deceptive language to get them to remain on a site or take a particular action.

Even if these UX tactics can garner us a few extra newsletter subscriptions or donations, does that mean we should use them? While engaging some users, are we driving others away?

We use the framework established by the Consentful Tech Project to look at common UX patterns, including modals, “manipulinks”, and other dark patterns, and consider how they can erode user focus, attention, and trust. We will share better examples of UX patterns that are respectful of users, and strategies to get stakeholders on board.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify coercive UX patterns.
  • Understand what constitutes more respectful and accessible UX patterns.
  • Influence web project stakeholders to make UX more consentful.

Session Type

30 minute session

Target Audience

1. Website design and communications decision-makers and influencers; 2. Web designers and developers who care about accessibility.