22NTC Session: Digital Inclusion
Shrinking the Technology Divide to Engage Students in Remote Learning
Submitted by: Kelenda Allen-James


Classroom educators are designing engaging supportive individualized learning plans via technology that greatly support student groups like young immigrants.  Yet, these lessons are missed when the technology needed is not available for remote learning. Many families do not have devices or connectivity and/or the digital literacy to use the equipment given.

Engaging Lesson plans have VR job simulations, self-paced learning systems, and digital portfolios, these students are able to digitally engage with programs that encourage them to explore their futures.

Join a discussion of the ways educators are using technology to support students and how we can ensure that all students get access.

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduce Universal Design Learning model into the digital learning help students be more engaging in the classroom learning
  • Getting students the classroom level technology they need for home learning.
  • Create surveys that understand family technology needs.

Target Audience

Educators, District Leaders, After School Program Leaders, Those interested in education, immigrant rights, accessibility, diversity and inclusion


March 25, 2022


8:30am – 9:30am PST