22NTC Session Proposal
Digital Inclusion

Workshop: Check Yourself – A Guide to Digital Accessibility Audits

Submitted by: Rachel Kribbs 🔵


Perhaps you know the basics and importance of accessibility, but you haven’t fully implemented the standards on your website and digital communications channels. In this session, participants will review basic terms, tips, and resources, and will walk away with tools to help audit their own channels. Participants will not only take actionable steps toward identifying accessibility weak spots, but will also feel empowered to continue the work of creating a more inclusive and compliant digital ecosystem within their organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and understand the importance of embracing web accessibility
  • Identify resources to help them fully implement accessibility standards (including the NTEN Equity Guide)
  • Recognize areas of their website and social media channels that are not compliant with basic accessibility guidelines and standards

Session Type

60 minute workshop

Target Audience

Marketing and communications directors who are familiar with website accessibility and ready to implement standards