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20NTC Session

Chatbots: Enabling Humans to Talk to Humans Through Bots


If you’re a marketing and communications professional, you probably feel like you spend your whole life dreaming up new ways to get people’s attention. What if we stopped trying to get people to do what we want, and started helping them get what they need?

Even by conservative estimates, chatbots have 4 times the click-through rates of emails. Why? Because they’re immediate, they’re personal, and they don’t put a demand on your time; they ask how they can help. They start a conversation.

In today’s low code/no code development world, a chatbot is surprisingly easy to build. It can be as simple as a prepared script, or as complex as machine learning. But first you have to dream it up and flesh it out. We’ll walk through the design process and introduce you to tools like Google’s Dialogflow and Microsoft’s QnA Maker.

Target Audience

Proactive marketing and communications leaders who want to meet people where they are and give them what they need.


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