22NTC Session: Digital Inclusion
Case Study: Using Needs Assessments to Boost Community Connectivity
Submitted by: Keighty Ward | Literacy Works


We might think that internet use is widely accessible but in reality this is not the case. While nationwide stats are helpful, it’s also crucial that we know what’s happening in our community.

In this training, we’ll discuss the process of creating and sharing a Connectivity Needs Assessment survey so that your organization will gain better insights into internet use and digital literacy in your community. We’ll discuss what a needs assessment looks like and how to create one that fits your needs. We’ll also cover strategies for collecting and analyzing data so that you can share this information with funders, community stakeholders, and other interested partners. Lastly, we’ll share an example of a survey that was created, shared, and analyzed in 2021 so you can learn how simple it is to implement a survey like this in your work. 

Session Type

30 minute session

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize a Connectivity Needs Assessment survey
  • Create a survey that fits their community's needs
  • Analyze and share the results of a needs assessment

Target Audience

Anyone interested in learning more about the connectivity needs in their communities and how they can support accessible digital interaction.


March 25, 2022


12:15pm – 12:45pm PST