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20NTC Session

Can Diversity and Inclusion Be Taught?


Public and school libraries strive to reflect their communities in their programming, offerings and book collections. But implicit bias can affect even the most conscientious institution.

Get an inside look at the innovative way Library Journal and School Library Journal (in partnership with online learning consultancy Edmaker) built a diversity and inclusion training experience that has influenced thousands of librarians and their communities across North America.

The unique program has connected community leaders and educators to tackle internal biases as they affect the library world, and by extension, local communities. The results have brought equity, inclusion and advocacy to the core of programs at wide-ranging institutions.


  • Find out how a diversity audit could work at your organization
  • Recognize common problematic stereotypes, tropes, and microaggressions as they surface
  • Learn how to launch an innovative diversity training initiative at your organization

Target Audience

Individuals who want to improve diversity and inclusivity initiatives at their organization or in their community




March 24, 2020


1:00pm – 1:30pm