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20NTC Session

Building an Inclusive Communications Mindset (And Toolkit)


“I know that I know nothing.” – attributed to Socrates, who isn’t recorded having said it.

The first step to making communications inclusive is wanting it to be. The second is knowing that we probably don’t understand the diverse, numerous needs of ALL people and communities. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed not knowing “the right thing to say,” or don’t understand accessibility beyond ADA compliance, an inclusive communications mindset can help.

If we know that we don’t know and what we don’t know, we can approach what we think we know critically. In this session, we’ll get curious about who isn’t represented in our communications, practice tools to build empathy (understanding of others), and start questioning what is and isn’t inclusive – like words we choose, channels we use, and stories we tell. Instead of giving you accessibility and inclusion toolkits, this session will teach you how to build your own.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact and benefits of building an inclusive (and intersectional) communications mindset, and why words matter.
  • Identify access barriers and exclusionary language that limit who your organization’s external communications reach and welcome.
  • Build your own inclusive communications toolkit that centers the experiences and needs of the most marginalized members of your communities.

Target Audience

Marketing/communications staff, grantwriters, copywriters, designers and anyone wanting to communicate their nonprofits’s work with empathy and inclusion of all.


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Bettina Sferrino

Communications strategist


Bettina’s communications career began in seventh grade when she was tasked with creating her monthly school newsletter (which like this bio, followed AP Style).

Today, her purpose is to share her passion, skills, creativity and time to fight for justice. Over her 10-year nonprofit career, she’s used stories and connections to change hearts and minds in support of higher education, affordable housing, LGBTQ+ equality, reproductive justice and public land advocacy. Currently, she’s looking for her next great opportunity to use this nonprofit communications experience and expertise to support and amplify social justice leaders.

According to social media, Bettina is “super stylish,” a “cookie sorceress” and “generally awesome.” She lives in Oakland, California, with a cat named Lady Bird.

Vanice Dunn

Director of Equity


Vanice Dunn is an equity and communications strategist with experience designing and executing strategies for mission-driven clients, especially those focused on racial equity and justice. Vanice began to hone her skills in social justice advocacy in an organic way — as a young girl of color in a small southern town, her existence itself became a political statement. Her passion eventually led her to the Provoc team where she serves as Director of Equity. Whether leading strategy projects or facilitating equity workshops, Vanice is always aiming to dismantle systems and barriers that exist to keep marginalized communities from leveraging their power. By rooting her work in a womanist lens, Vanice has a particular passion for projects that combat the ‘isms’ — including racism, classism, and sexism.

In her spare time, as a co-founder of the Dismantle Collective, Vanice works to dismantle white supremacy through radical transparency, liberatory practices, and pleasure. She also serves on the board of directors for Equal Rights Advocates and Web of Change.





March 25, 2020


1:45pm – 3:00pm



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